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Uprofit 100k Funded Test (reset)

Hey Traders,

Well we know this story don't we?

I was on day 3 of my Uprofit 100k funded test. I had built up some nice profits but I just couldn't be patient.

zero patience, moving stops and targets, trying to hit homeruns and completely disregarding my trading plan.

That was the definition of my trading today. I leveraged up for no reason and just try to force profits.

I have been doing this long enough when I know what im doing, I know that im pushing to hard. To emotional and reactive.

I had to reset my funded test so back to day 1. I took a few trades at the end of the day and got some decent profit but that doesn't matter to me.

Time to reset and pass the 100k test in 10 days to earn some real capital.

Check out Profit HERE.


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