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Starting 2024 with 3x150k Topstep Combines!

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a great holidays!

Im looking to start off the new year with 3 funded accounts from Topstep! Last year was tough for me, I put in a ton of time on the charts, was up and down all year and really struggles to find my trading edge.

It was the first time in years I really try to put in a full time effort into my trading, it uncovered a ton of insecurities I had in my trading and forced me to be better. It also helped me learn what kind of a trader I really need to be to help my self grow and win.

I started off the year with a great trading day, the volatility was great so I continued to trade until I easily hit $+4500 in profits which is 50% of the Topstep profit target on the 150k accounts.

I look forward to documenting my journey again, getting to consistency and payouts.



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