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TopstepTrader Micros Combine: Step 1 PASSED

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is staying safe and trading well.

I recently wanted to try to take on the TST micros trading combine. I do like the idea of Intraday swing trades or even longer terms holds. In the past when I have taken more of a macro view of the market it helped me slow things down and profit.

Today was no different, seen a great opportunity for a short and held it for most of the trading day. It helped me get over the $1000 profit of the 10k micro combine.

In the micros combine there is also a step 2, with the same rules and profit target. They just need to make sure that it was not a fluke and you can do it again since there is no min. day requirement.

So far I do like it, you have the ability to trade up to 5 micros lots at 1 time and during the larger moves you can scale in and out if needed.

Feel free to look at the details of the micro combine HERE.


skype: lino.demarchi1


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