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Day 1 2x Topstep 100k FUNDED! +$1800

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a good trading day today, I had a wild one!

Today was Day 1 trading TWO 100k Funded Accounts with Topstep! The emotions were defiantly running high this morning as I was exciting to start trading for some real capital. I got my login info from Topstep aabout mid day yesterday so I had everything setup.

Had so me malfunctions with my trade copier and I hit my daily loss limit on my 3rd evaluation. I over leveraged it and learned a huge lesson. Oh well, we will keep that going.

Check out the video and screen shot below to learn more about my day, why I gave myself a C- and how I can out GREEN with some profits on Day 1 of my Funded accounts with Topstep!


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