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100k TopstepTrader Combine Step 1 PASSED in 5 Days.

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe around the world.

The markets continue to be extremely volatile and giving great opportunity after opportunity.

Today was Day 5 of my 100k TST combine. I had a rough day 3 as you can see, took to many trades and did not stick to my trading plan.

I made up with 2 really good days on day 4 and 5 of my combine. Sometimes when the stars align and I see that golden setup, the one with very high probability, I go in with max leverage and monitor my position very close.

Right now im trading 2 strategies. One is my momentum trading strategy on the YM and the other is my scalping strategy on the ES. both very high probability trading set ups.

I look to move onto step 2 of the 100k combine tomorrow and hope fully with a strong start.

Thanks for reading.

Lino D.


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