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TopstepTrader vs. Earn2Trade

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is having a restful weekend and keeping safe across he world!

As most of you know I have been involved with TopStepTrader for years with multiple funded accounts, I have withdrew thousands of dollars but I have also lost many funded account as well.

I have always liked the "funded trader" concept as it teaches consistency, helps you take a part your strategy and really learn discipline. I have also been funded with other funded providers such as speedup trader. My experience was subpar compared to TST. I never got the chance to pull out any capital from speedup so I do not really know the full story.

Im currently in the Gauntlet mini with Earn2Trade and in a 100k TopstepTrader combine. I have heard good things about Earn2Trade and I really liked the look of the $75,000 funding test. The profit target was reasonable at $4300 and the daily loss limit is at $1750 which provides a lot of room when trade 1-5 lots which I feel is all you really need especially when its volatile like now.

When you break it down over the 15 day period you only need to profit just under $300 per day. That is very achievable in my eyes.

Below are my two funding test currently with Earn2Trade and TopstepTrader. The goal here is to have 2 funded accounts with 2 separate companies.

Thanks for reading and I will update you soon!


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