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TopStepTrader 100k Combine Step 2 +$515.70


Day 2 on the final step before of the 100k funded account with TopstepTrader.

A mostly sideways day on the YM but I had control over my reactions and made sound trading decisions.

Practicing walking away with profit is the same as practicing walking away when you have a losing day. Realizing that the market is done giving away opportunity you will turn a wining day into s losing day or worse blow out accounts.

Not every day will be a volatility masterpiece where you can bank 2k in a couple trades. I had trouble holing on to winners to hit my profit target because of the chop but I cut losers early.

Its all about base hits, base hits base hits, when the opportunity strikes knock one out the park!

Tomorrow is Friday, lets end the week with a nice profit and a good start to the final step of the 100k combine!

Thanks for reading.

Lino D.



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