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My Funded Futures! The New Kid on the Block! #1 Funding Opportunity!

Hey Traders!

Hope everyone is doing well and kicking ass in the markets! I have some exciting news from the world of proprietary trading! As we all know the world of prop trading in the futures markets has blown up, you can find a handful of companies that offer traders the opportunity to pass an evaluation and get funded with great leverage and a whole slew of deferent rules.

We all know the regular names out there but there is a new kid on the block called My Funded Futures. All thorough the are new to futures funding they are not knew to the proprietary game at all. The have a really well known sister company called My Funded Forex.

I believe My Funded Futures will takeover the top spot for futures trading firms! Very little rules, great leverage, End of Day drawdown and more is just the beginning for this great opportunity!

Take a look at the benfits below and this is just the begiging! CLICK THIS LINK to go to my website and see the full breakdown of what My Funded Futures have to offer! Launch day is tommroe and you bet ill be hping on board to get myself a few accounts and get FUDNED with My Funded Futures!


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