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I'm Back! Follow my Journey to 20 Funded Accounts with Apex Trader Funding! Day 1

Hello Traders!

Wow! it has been a while since I have been behind the keyboard on this blog! Life is busy!

I recently started to get serious again about day trading futures! In the 10+ years of my trading journey the "funded account" firms and industry as a whole has completely changed. I remember being one of the first few traders test out the concept at TopStep!

Fast forward now there are so many companies I cant even keep up! As always I have done my research into companies and always like to give it a shot. In came Apex Trader Funding.

In my opinion they really this space now, with the payout structure, cheap accounts, ability to trade 20 accounts and much more! They are always evolving and listening to their traders, its amazing to see!

This leads my back here, back to getting funded and earning some real capital. I have been in the markets on and off for over a decade. I think Apex Trader Funding gives traders the best chance and myself into making real money again. I will be trading a hybrid of the Apex Sniper System and my own strategies.

The goal here is slow and steady, look for $150-$300 a day in profits, build the accounts slowly, spread the risk and maximize the payouts by 20 accounts! Its no small feat, the trailing drawn down can sneak up on you not to mention my own demons such as overtrading. over leverage and revenge trading. Yes, I still battle myself with that. I'm hoping this blog will keep me accountable to anyone that reads it!

If you want to learn more about Apex Trading Funding CLICK HERE they are running an awesome 80% discount! its good for as many evaluations you want and up to 20 Funded Accounts!

Please stay tuned and follow along! I plan to make Youtube updates as well!



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