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Earn2Trade & TopStepTrader UPDATE. Profit Streak Ended.

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is having a good start to the trading week, if your staying patient than you will be doing much better than me!

Today was day 12 in my Earn2Trade $75,000 Gauntlet mini. At the start of the week I was a few hundred dollars over the profit goal of $4300 and now I sit at $3333.

I decided to take a trade with about 3 lots and got chopped out several times. The YM and most indices traded sideways and choppy. I failed to Identify this early on then got caught trying to make it all back.

The goal is to finish of the Gauntlet in 15 days, the minimum amount of time to get funded. So I have the rest of they week and 3 trading days to get myself back in business and earn that funded account from Earn2Trade.

Now an update on my 100k combine with TST which I'm in Step 2. I have 10 days to earn $6000 while sticking to all the rules. That I didn't do. I actually had reset the account but once I figured out the market condition we were in I managed to have a decent scalping session and make over $2000.

I had 11 straight trading days with profit, it shows the market can and will humble you quickly.

Thanks for reading and Ill be sure to update you again soon!

Lino D.



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