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Earn2Trade 150k Mini Gauntlet -$2200

Hey Traders,

Thanks for coming back and reading.

Today was day 6 of my 150k Gauntlet mini with Earn2Trade. I was impatient and it showed in my trading.

I had a busy day ahead and I let that cloud my judgment. What a stupid loss that I really didn't need to take.

I managed to get almost breakeven then I rushed it even more.

I traded the NQ again today and it ate me up. All my own fault!

BUT its all about LIVING TO TRADE ANOTHER DAY. I didn't blow out and hit a loss limit. I walked away.

Could I have walked away early, absousltley but I didn't recognize it in the moment and I paid the price.

Tomorrow is day 7 and Friday, and basically the half way point. I'm looking to end the week with a green day.

I have to remember about staying with the consistency rule as well. Im still in the game so lets turn this around!

See you tmr with an end of week update!



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