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Earn2Trade 150k Gauntlet Day 4-5

Hey Traders,

hope everyone is crushing the markets this week!

I have had an up and down past couple of trading days. Today was Day 5 of my 150k Earn2Trade Gauntlet mini.

I manage to squeak out some profits and recover from a horrible day of trading yesterday.

Yesterday was day 4 of my 150k gauntlet and I just couldn't get in the grove. I was jumpy and impatient ( im sure you know exactly what im talking about!) I lost over $2000 and decided to walk away.

Walking away is a skill, period. It something that I had to learn to master over the many years. As funny as that sounds in trading its extremely difficult. I hate losing at anything. So walking away a loser is tough for me.

I'm sitting at about +4500 in net profits on my 150k Gauntlet so about half way to target. Slow and steady as we go and we will get to the FUDNED ACCOUNT!



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