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$5000 Personal Account vs. TopStepTrader

Hi Traders!

Hope everyone is doing well! Today I started to trade my own personal account with

$5000 USD of my own capital.

As you all know I have been funded with TopstepTrader on a number of occasions, have successful pulled out capital and have also lost accounts.

I have always liked TST but I have also not liked some of the rules they have in place, the restrictions on trading and more.

BUT a lot of the rules n place are meant to keep you from over trading and blowing up your own accounts. I want to put it all to the test.

Today was day 1 trading my own account and I successfully made approx $285.00.

A nice easy start, trading 1-2 contracts total, I did come back after being down over $300. It was a slow choppy day with news in the morning and FOMC announcements in the afternoon session.

I plan to make some Youtube videos again and more but lets see whats better for a trader! A small account or TopStepTrader! Below are my trading results for the day.

Thanks and talk to you all soon!

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