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100k TopstepTrader Combine Day 2 - Here comes a reset.

Hey Traders,

Well lets start with I messed up, used to much leverage and hit my daily loss limit. I seen a HUGE potential move in the markets tried to take advantage and was about an hour to early.

The good news? I did capture it but I had reset the combine. Yup, spent another $99 bucks.

Sucks, BUT at least I dint blow out a 10k account right? Maybe.

Thats the thing with TopstepTrader, If you wanna play the game you're playing by their rules. period.

They key is to know your strategy and risk/reward inside and out. Figure out how many trades it will take for you to hit a loss limit at a certain amount of leverage. To much leverage your toast. Im a prime example of that.

Back to the good news. I captured a monster trade on the NQ. I seen this potential move happening earlier in the morning but I missed it.

Im about $1000 away from my profit target to move onto step 2. I have 3 more days to trade and not do anything stupid!

As always feel free to reach out! as follow my results HERE

skype: lino.demarchi1

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