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100k Combine TopStepTrader Day 1+$1079

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is doing well, it bee a while since I have made some updates on trading. I decided to get back on the sattle within TopStepTrader. I have always liked there system, support, community and cheap entry fees to get a fully funded account.

I have been funded several times before and successful in pulling out cash so I feel confident in topsteptrader as a trading partner. essentially thats exactly what they are a partner, here to support you, give you capital and provide confidence,

Momentum was not the greatest this morning, it was up down and sideways. Good thing Im a short term trader looking for a couple points at a time on the ES.

I ended up with about $866 in net profits on the day, a good start to the 100k combine in step 1. My goal is to reach the $6000 profit target in 5 trading days to move onto step 2.

be sure to follow my blog for updates moving forward. As always feel free to reach out on skype or send me an email.


Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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