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TopStepTrader Pro Account

Hey Traders,

Its been a while since I posted about TopstepTrader and it seem as if a few things have changed since. They have rolled out somthign called the "pro" account.

essentially it is a simulated account after you pass the combine in which you can start trading within 1 business day or so. You are not to pay any data fees in the pro account and if you make up to $5000 in simulated profits you can keep that in REAL cash.

Also, the pro account gives you the option to go back to step 2 if you are to break any rules during the "live" or "pro" phase.

This will also save you money in platform fee's depending on what your using to take trades with such as ninjatrader etc. The pros are that there are zero upfront fees for this account and you can transition to it right away after passing stage 2.

Once you make $5,000 they will fund your real account with $5000 and you an withdraw as much as you like.

At the end of they day this is all up to you! TopstepTrader is taking steps to try and help trades be more successful.

Learn more here: TOPSTEPTRADER

Lino D.


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