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Day Trading LE - 100k TopStepTrader Combine +$1763

Hey Traders,

Day 1 of my TopStepTrader 100k combine is complete. Had a few screw ups in terms of leverage and taking trades I should and so I had to reset my combine a couple times. ah well. it happens.

After calming down and focusing on what I needed to I seen a setup in the LE Live cattle futures market, I spoke about this market before, its a little slower and I feel like it has some decent moves that you can capture.

Attached is the trade I took, got out a little early but on day 1 all I wanted to do is get started on the right foot and capture profits. Im using alot of leverage but my goal here is to get through the first part of the combine and testing in the min. 5 days required then move on.

Its risky but I have done it before, just need to be extremely picky and patient with my trades taken.

thanks for reading my day 1 combine update! stay tuned for more.

Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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