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I'm Back. Hopefully better than ever. TopstepTrader 100k Combine.

Hi Traders!

Hope everyone is doing great! Its been awhile since I made an update or posted or did anything. I been watching the markets from day to day, examining my trading strategy, setups and more importantly my winning trading setups.

I have been looking at when they win, which ones win the most, why they win more than the others and is there anything that they all have in common.

The answer is yes and no. One of my setups in particular happens all the time, almost every single day in almost all the major futures markets. Some markets clearer than others but they happen.

I started really looking in to the charts, finding these setups and dissecting them, looking for some type of edge or tell that they have a higher probability of working than others, it was really interesting and time consuming. But I did see a few things that are worth testing, so I did. a ton a sim trades of course that worked some didn't, some where user error entering when I shouldn't have but still I was impressed.

So whats next? well might as well test it against a TopstepTrader Combine to see if it can be profitable over a long period of time against strict rules. Also better to test it in a combine than my own real cash account.

ill continue to do updates everyday ( I wont email out everyday, just come back to my blog if you have any interest in following my progress) Ill post my topsteptrader dashboard and some chart pics with my trades etc.

Thanks for reading and here's to getting funded! (again!)

Lino D.


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