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When to use leverage to hit the Profit Target at TopstepTrader

Hi Traders,

Today I was thinking about leverage and how and when to use it. When trading in the TopstepTrader combine, especially in the 100k or 150k you are able to use 1- 10 contracts at any given time.

This can really hurt you if you dont know when to use it properly, on the other hand it can help you hit your overall profit target possibly in 1 or 2 trades if used correctly.

Again, this goes back to knowing your strategy, do you have a strategy where your trades are crystal clear? Do you know when the probabilities are heavily in your favor?

I know my strategy inside and out and I know when I have risk on my side, this is the time I use multiple contracts and look for my estimated profit target. Not when the market is sideways or im unclear on market momentum and direction.

This way of thinking and me having crystal clear setups and helped me hit profit targets much easier because I understand the risk and I can sit and wait for my high probability setup. Period.

As always, feel free to send me an email or add me to Skype if you wanted to learn more about how I trade and beat TopstepTrader.

Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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