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Day 2 TopstepTrader 100k Combine +$393

Hi Traders,

Today marked Day 2 of my reset of the TST 100k Combine. I had an awesome first day. The Volatility in these markets are awesome right now. Its about knowing when to leverage up, mange your risk and take those profits!

After 2 days im about $50 or 5 ticks away from hitting the profit target to move on. I do expect to be done by Friday which is the earliest day possible because by rule you must have 5 trading days.

M seeing my trading setup crystal clear and thats how I exactly designed the way I trade. Today was a side ways ranging market but I took a 3 lot trade of TF, seen the short term trend and capitalized. Sometimes thats all it takes.

I will be updating in a few days most likely on Friday with hopefully some good news that Im moving on to the second step!

As always feel free to add me to Skype or shoot me an email.


Lino D.


skype: lino.demarchi1

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