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Becoming a Quantitative Trader

Hey Traders!

Happy 2018! Its new year with new goals and new objectives in mind! I just wanted to thank anyone that takes the time to rad my blog posts about my crazy trading updates, rants etc etc. :)

As I mentioned in my last post I'm embarking on something that I always wanted to do, something that I tried to do on my own for years but failed at. I just didn't have the correct training or steps to do it but I'm now and starting the new year with a bang!

Im learning and training to become a Quantitative trader. What does that mean?? In short words I'm learning how to use Quantitative techniques of statistics, mathematics and coding to create and back test Algorithmic trading strategies. I'm starting from scratch, over the next 4-6 months I will be working with Matt Owens better known as Triforce Trader.

Matt is an unbelievable quantitative trader, over the past two years his qua

nt strategies have earned over $1.5 million dollars and is all verified no BS stats like everyone else out there, he is the real deal and he is taking a small group of people and taking it step by step literally from the basics of quantitative analysis, to back testing, to idea generation AND the coolest thing learning HOW TO CODE.

The goal at the end of the day is to be able to code your OWN ideas and turn them into a algorithmic strategy that will do all the trading on its own. No more emotional trades, no more crazy draw down, no more guessing. Everything will be back tested and quantified through strict analysis and rules.

This will be a lot of work over the next 6 months as we have embarked on our first week already, with homework assignments, a ton of reading and understanding. It will not be easy but the end reward will be amazing.

I'm grateful to have learned about Triforce, Ive heard nothing but good things from his past students and testimonials. He is the real deal calling out BS traders, he has a REAL edge unlike most and proves it. PERIOD.

I always have wanted to learn to code and make my own algo strategies, if you followed my blog for a while yo know I struggled with emotions while trading, I tried everything including talking to people to help my psychology while trading.

What I'm learning to do now it taking away all that crap, testing based on true numbers, true patterns in the market, true mathematics and will have a computer trade for me.

This will be a difficult task but I'm extremely focused and will not fail. I will take my trading to a whole new level and become Triforce traders next student success story. Matt, if you ever do read this I just want to say thank you for putting this class together, I will not disappoint!!

Feel free to contact me to learn more or check 0ut his website!

Lino D.


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