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100k FTP TopStepTrader Day 7

Hey Traders,

I had a tough couple of days, Trading through some bad market conditions and over trading. This is going to happen to everyone but it all comes down to recognizing the situation and understanding its time to stop.

The market was just not participating with me during the last few sessions so I did the right thing and walked away. I was down over 1k on one of my losing days but it didn't matter. I knew in the back of my head that my strategy is solid and if I stayed patient I would make it up and then some.

That is exactly what I did, Today was a great day after the Inventory news was released, I caught the swing to the upside and made a great profit. I'm 3 days away and about $700 in profits to make it to the funded account once again.

TopStepTrader is such a great platform to test your skills, prove yourself and EARN a funded account. It can be done but like I always say you need a good strategy and great confidence in it to pass it. You must know the ins and outs of your strategy its weaknesses and strengths then how to take advantage of it.

That's all for now, Hopefully the next post I make is announcing myself as a Funded Trader Once again!

Thank you.

Lino D.


Skype: Lino.demarchi1

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