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Happy New Year!

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and holiday and is enjoying the weekend. I have been relaxing and working on updating the program and back end of the website.

After to speaking with a few of my past students I have decided to go back to the 1on1 style trading in the mentorship program. When I spoke about it with then they shared there favorite things that we did in the program and how it really helped them. There was a common theme after speaking with 4 of them and funny enough those 4 students are STILL trading and making consistent results whether it be in live accounts or still practicing on simulation.

I think it takes a real mentorship and someone’s full attention on both parts to see any type of success. Simply watching someone trade or “shadow trading” will not do it. The student needs to spend time in the markets, taking the trades losing and winning and understanding what is happening.

Every newbie trader is very excited to start and make money but it should be the opposite. There’s nothing wrong with being excited and ready to go but you need to be excited about learning something new, the education you will receive and the end goal. Just like when a Doctor or loawyer goes to school for 5-7 years. They are excited to get through it and learn then only in the end if they dedicate themselves will they get those big pay checks. The same mentality must be used in learning to day trade the markets.

I’m excited to help more traders in 2016 and Very excited to start trading my funded account with TopstepTrader. It was an awesome journey this year to get to this point and now I’m excited to trade for a firm and be a part of an awesome trading community like TopstepTrader.

I wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year, the best of luck in trading and hope everyone can achieve the goals they set out to reach in the new year.

As always feel free to add me to Skype or send me an email, I’m always happy to chat about myself, my trading or the Mentorship Program.

Thanks for reading and once again Happy New Year!

Lino D.



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