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Officially Funded with TopstepTrader

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone reading is doing well, I wanted to update my blog with what has been going on with TopstepTrader. I just got home from a awesome road trip down the coast to Portland, Oregon. Great food, great drinks and had lots of fun and time to reflect and relax.

On Monday I got an email congratulating me on passing and being approved for a Funded Account TST equity partners. Very excited to have accomplished this at the end of 2015. I filled out all the required paperwork and contracts to get started. I was told it may take a couple weeks to get everything going which is fine with me as I think its best to get started in the new year and first week of January to avoid any low volume trading throughout the holiday season.

Its been one hell of a ride, I have learned so much about my strategy and my trading habits. TopstepTrader has given me tools that I needed to push me in the next step of my career. It has shown me my strengths and weaknesses within my strategy and I have made the necessary tweaks moving forward.

Passing and getting funded is not easy, you need a solid risk/reward system in place and also a solid plan just to pass the Combine and Funded Trader Preparation. You need to realize that just because you don’t pass it on the first try doesn’t mean its impossible. Its actually helps you understand what It truly takes to move forward. Now the next step is to plan out my funded trading account parameters. Discipline and leverage are key to getting through the first 10 days of the funded account. More on that in a later post.

I have nothing but great things to say about TopstepTrader and the people working there helping us everyday. If anyone has questions I would love to chat about my experience with you so please feel free to add me to Skype or shoot me an email.

As I reflect back on my year and my trading I couldn’t have been so successful without TST and trading through the many combines and FTP’s. I have made it and I look to grow even more while earning an income with the equity firm! I have an official phone call with TST on Monday to speak about my plan and to go over what’s next and how everything will work for me when joining the funded team!

I will keep the readers updated after I learn more and speak with the funding team on Monday. As always feel free to send me an email or add me to Skype for a chat!

Thanks for reading.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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