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TopStepTrader 100k Combine PASSED Step 2: Funded Trader Preparation

Hey Traders,

Today was Day 10 in my TopStepTrader 100k Combine. All I really needed to do is take a trade win or lose and I can submit. Well I’m not going to take the easy way out! Today we were Live in the Trade Room with our students looking to make some profits.

I was up extra early this morning, about 5:00 am PST. I decided to take a couple pre-market trades, they have been working out quite well last week and yesterday. Not today. About 7 trades into it before the Pit Open of Crude Oil I was down 90 ticks (-$900). This is when my overtrading/patience alert went off. What was I doing? I had one simple task to take a few trades and close out the combine.

I realized I jumped into trading without going into my premarket routine so I started there, calmed down and hit target on a nice trade cutting that loss in half. Continued to try and take the bullish momentum down a few times and finally caught a nice run. Momentum and direction was on its way down And I took full advantage.

I was able to keep trading because of my 1/3 risk reward trading strategy. I had a total of 20 trades today only winning 7. 35% winning and I still managed to comeback and profit. When you put this with a good trading strategy it becomes extremely powerful and I proved it here today. We are ALWAYS going to take losses when we trade, most of the time we will lose more than we win so why don’t we have protection against this? So many newbie traders don’t understand this concept but it really is THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Check out the video below for my recap on the trades and to see how I came back from being -$1000 in the hole.

I submitted my combine and just like that it’s done! Very happy to get through step 1 and even happier my students could witness it. I really was not at my best and my crude trading shows that. Either way I surpassed the profit target, stayed within all the rules and will continue on. The celebration is short lived because now whatever just happened in the last two weeks does not matter anymore. It’s just like the playoffs in any sport. It’s a new season, series, and game. Time to start fresh and continue to win to get to the final spot. For me that’s getting funded with a reputable equity partner.

It’s a waiting game now for TST to get back to me on when I can start the Funded Trader Preparation. Hopefully get started next week sometime. I doubt I’ll be doing any trading this week, Tomorrow may be the last day for any action in the morning but I think I will sit it out since its crude inventories and lots of news jammed packed in the day.

Thanks for everyone that followed up to this point.

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1

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