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TopStepTrader 100k Combine Day 2

Hello Traders,

Day 2 of the TopStepTrader combine, Right off the bat I could feel myself very anxious today. Wanting to take trades, wanting to get involved in the market. It is a Monday and I’m sure whoever is reading this can relate to the feelings. I took a total of 14 trades, 7 winners and 7 losers. They were a mixed amount of scalp trades and momentum trades (the two strategies I trade) but most were momentum. I ended up with +38 ticks, $380.00

I could feel the market wanting to make highs but my entries were not patient and I kept getting stopped out. It happens right? Well as soon as that starts happening I start to become impatient and when that happens to me LOOK OUT. I start to overtrade. I have been trading CL Crude Oil Futures long enough to understand its movement and “feel” when it’s ready to make decent move.

There actually was some nice pull backs, a little bit of chop as well. I managed to pull it together a bit and trade my way back to profit. Attached to this blog is a video that details my trades and how I got a little out of hand.

There is something I was proud of myself for, I stopped. I recognized my emotions and impatience was taking over and stopped trading. This is something I have been working on through reading books on psychology, listening to videos and just trying to become more SELF AWARE.

Tommorow we trade live in the VanctiyTrader Live Trade Room with our Mentorship Program students and look forward to profitaing together!

Talk to you soon,

Lino D.

Skype: lino.demarchi1

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