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Uprofit Day 3 100k Test -$1200

Hey Traders,

Today was day 3 of my Uprofit funded trader test. I was late to the morning session again a started to trade with little patience. To main distractions and trying to get a quick profit.

It was back and forth with me and barley seeing some profit. I managed to dig myself into a hole then called myself back. I was early on a short trade and then got eaten up. My timing was off but I managed to get out and live to trade another day. In the end that's what its all about.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking to finish off the trading week and day 4 with some profits.

My goal is to pass the challenge in the min. of 10 days. After tomorrow trading day I would have completed 4 days of the Uprofit 1ook account funded trader test.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update!


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