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Uprofit 100k Test. No Losing Trades! +$755

Hey Traders,

I had a late start to the markets this morning but the price action looked great for the morning session.

I opened my charts to some volatility and some crystal clear setups. With my strategy its wither clear as day or you should just stay away. Probabilities need to stay in your favor to take a trade.

Because of my reset I'm now 8 trading days away from completing and I'm sitting at just over $3000 in profit with the goal of $6000 in my sights.

Uprofit offers a quick 10 day trading turn around to become funded among other rules that are slightly different form other funders such as Earn2Trade or TopStepTrader.

Lets hope for some more volatility in the markets to close of the week!

- VancityTrader.


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