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MFM Securities, Trade US STOCKS!

Hey Traders,

MFM Securities offers a wide range of products and I wanted to give you a short detailed overview on what you can trade with MFM!

Firstly and what I think makes them stand out is you can trade US stocks using CFD's!

What are Stock CFD's you ask?

It’s a financial instrument that’s used to buy shares online. Some assets change with less intensity than currencies, at the same time allowing for a significant income. Moreover, they allow clients to form an effective investment portfolio to work with various instruments.

Stock trading is possible due to price changes. Traders use to open “Buy” or “Sell” positions to grasp the current trend without owning the securities themselves as the stock’s contract price is not fixed and changes all the time. CFD allows profiting on market falls, as well as hedge risks on long positions. Clients can also use leverage, and low margin requirements allow enlarging position compared with the original capital.

Stocks CFD allows traders to place both long and short positions to benefit from a price rise or fall, respectively. For example, if you open a position to take advantage of price increases that a company’s stocks will appreciate from $2.5 to $3.0 per unit, you will profit $.05 per share if your predictions come true. The same goes during a crashing market. You can predict an asset’s depreciation and make some money if the price decrease. If your predictions are accurate, you make a profit, regardless of the market situation.

Everything from Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Zoom, Intel and more!

To trade CFD stocks please CLICK HERE to open up you own secure account with MFM Securities!

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