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Funded with TopstepTrader: 10k Combine

Hey Traders,

Proud to say that I have passed both steps of the 10k micro futures trading account from TopStepTrader and will get a funded account.

It came on a very volatile day led by the tech stocks in the DOW JONES futures contract.

I did have to reset my combine once on step 2 but manged to get a great trading day to pass it in one day!

After completing the 10k combine here are my thoughts on it. I enjoyed it, I like the fact that if I had a nice winner I could let it ride int eh overnight session, through the close and into the weekend.

It allows you to trade all 5 contracts at once and gives you enough wiggle room to let your trade work. Sure they are micros but I have proved that making $1000 in a day on the MYM is defiantly possible.

Now we wait to get our funded account and look to make some real money!

More info on the micro account HERE and more on TopStepTrader HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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