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Funded Trading, Where to go Next?

Hey Traders,

As many of you know I have been funded as passed many of the funned trader test out there.

Some of them being: TopStep Trader, Earn2Trade, Uprofit and more...

With that said I have had some great runs and made good money but in the end I have lost my accounts.

The question is is it really worth it?

For me, Ill say yes. No matter all the tests, the resets I have paid for it has always come back break even or greater. I have funded accounts with 5 and 10 thousand dollars only to lose it quickly that really hurts.

When you can pay $100 or sometimes less for a funded account, prove to yourself you can trade. Its absousltley worth it.

Talk to you again soon as i will start another journey for a funded account!

- VancityTrader.


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