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FUNDED! Apex Trader Funded 20 Accounts!

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a great trading week, I'm pleased to say that I have passed all 20 accounts of 25k size at Apex Trader Funding!

What a wild ride it has been to get to this point, multiple resets and more. I feel confident in my trading abilities at this stage and I do believe my trading plan is set and ready to build.

Moving forward I will be only trading 1 contract. I have set a daily stop loss of $300. This gives a cushion of 5 days of straight losing which I don't see happening. I will also have a target and hard stop of $300 until I get to +$1600 of cushion. Then I will reevaluate.

Stay tuned for more update next week as a I work towards my first payment at Apex Trader Funding!

- VancityTrader


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