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FUNDED! 100k UProfit Account

Hey Traders,

Hope you are enjoying the volatile markets this week!

I'm happy to announce that I have passed all the requirements and earn myself a 100k funded account with Uprofit Trader! What a great experience, and I look forward to earning some real cash!

Below is a break down of my 10 trading days in the evaluation. I'm proud that I only had 2 losing days out of ten. Its all about risk to reward, taking your time and not over leveraging yourself.

For example take a look at my trade percentage, 27 winning trades and 42 losing trades and I still managed to make decent profits and hit my goal. That's because my risk reward is min. 2:1 on every trade. I cant stress enough how important that is.

If you want to learn more about my stats, journey and thoughts on Uprofit please CLICK HERE to be taken to my website and learn why I think its the BEST funded trader option right now!

Stay Tuned for updates on my LIVE FUNDED TRADING Account!



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