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Earn2Trade Gauntlet Day 8: +$600

Hey Traders,

Its midweek and hope everyone has a good week in the markets so far. Today was day 8 for me in the $75,000 Gauntlet with Earn2Trade.

The volatility has carried over from the overnight session into the market open and that when I took advantage of a great long set up ( see chart below). The market open can be a fantastic opportunity to win your first trade of the day or even go one and done like I did.

As long as you look at the overall momentum and wait to see if it will be a continuation of the overnight market and overall daily strength. I hit a long and watched it go to my profit target of 40 ticks on the YM.

As you can see below, as of right now I have passed the required profit goal of $4300 to earn a funded account. I need another 7 trading days to complete the Gauntlet. I will take my time and coast through the rest hopefully only taking 1-2 trades per day trading 1-3 lots only.

I really enjoying Earn2Trade Gauntlet so far and look forward to going through the funding process and letting you all know my experience.

Thanks for reading and Ill be back soon with an update!

Lino D.


Skype: lino.demarchi1


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