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Earn2Trade 150k Gauntlet Day 3 +$1800

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a great start to the trading week. The markets are moving to the downside, that is no mystery.

When these markets go down they do it fast and that makes a ton of opportunity available. For me I know the more I trade the worse I do. It been that way since I started trading in 2012 and has not changed. It took me years to realize this.

Today was Day 3 of my 150k Gauntlet from Earn2Trade. Once again I felt comfort in trading the NQ. The volatility is so good and so bad. If you can wait for that high probability setup you will make money. If you can stay patient not over trade you will make money.

I have been taking 1-5 trades max and ending my day with profit. I'm comfortable trading 4 lots of NQ.

This has to do with my loss limits and profit goals.

Earn2Trade really has bee great lately. I have 12 more trading days before I qualify for funding status. I'm more than half way to the profit target.

Below or my trades and update on my profits for the Earn2Trade dashboard.

Stay tuned for more!


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