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UProfit Trader Day 2 +$755

Hey Traders,

Happy Monday!

Today is Day 2 of my Uprofit Trader 100k account test. I managed to squeak out a nice profit of over $700.

I have been trading exclusively in the NQ futures market. The volatility can be over whelming at times but it can also make some crystal clear opportunities.

Uprofit so far has been extremely responsive. Their support is very fast and is great at answering my questions.

Uprofit offers a 10 day test to get funded at a few different levels. I'm working on the 100k account with a profit target of $6000.

One thing I like right off the bat is that you can withdrawal profits right away. It would be at a 50/50 split but at least you wouldn't have to close down your account like other funded companies such as TopstepTrader.

I look to keep the momentum going all week,. stay tuned for more!


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