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Day 2 Earn2Trade 150k Guantlet +$2300

Hey Traders.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone had a great trading week!

Today was day 2 of my 150k Gauntlet mini with Earn2Trade! Wild volatility today in the markets.

I decided to trade in the NQ market. I got caught up at first, I jumped the gun on some of my entries and reminded myself to stay patient and wait for the setups that are clear to me and which I KNOW have the greatest probability in working out on my favor.

You can see my trades below and my total now is approx. $4000 after two days of trading. The profit goal for the 150k Gauntlet is $9000. I must maintain consistency and make sure that I do not use to much leverage in my trading.

I'm going to stick with 1-4 contracts for now. I feel that gives me room to be wrong and when I'm right it will give me a great reward.

See everyone next week for some more updates! Check out Earn2Trade mini Gauntlets HERE!



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