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Day 2 Apex Trader Funding - 20 Funded Accounts Evaluation +$392

Hey Traders,

Welcome back to my blog and todays update on my twenty 25k evaluation accounts with Apex Trader Funding!

I could see from the get go there was some good volatility and movement overnight across the board in NQ, ES and RTY. I took about 8 trades in total winning 6 and losing 2.

It was a combination of my own strategy and the Apex Sniper System. Below is a chart of my performance, the best part is that it was copied onto 20 accounts using the Apex Trade Copier!

Apex Trader Funding is my #1 choice for trader funding period. The rules. withdraws and service is completely above the rest! Apex is running a 80% off their evaluations as we speak! CLICK HERE to go to Apex!

We will see you guys again tomorrow!

- VancityTrader


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