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Day 2 75k Uprofit Trader - Im Back!

Hey Traders!

Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year 2022!

I'm back in the settle with what I think is the best deal and best rules for people looking for funded account.

UPROFIT gives great options for account sixes, drawdown, daily loss limits and more.

Unlike topstep or Earn2Trade the testing period for Uprofit one one step and 10 days only!

There is also no consistency rule and you don't have to use the scaling plan throughout the entire evaluation!

Im on Day 2 of the 75K Uprofit account and I'm siting with around +$1600 in profits.

Its ben a while since I have been funded with anyone so I'm taking this seriously and making sure I'm staying ware of my number one killer of accounts which is to much leverage!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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