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Bad Trading. TopStepTrader 100k Combine Step 2 Day 3 -$1434

Hi Traders,

It been a while since I had a bad one. I'm talking about those days you disregard everything, you trade on emotion, you give back profits, you forget about the goals, the TopstepTrader rules, the small base hits, the don't listen to yourself.

I was up over $700 today, I got greedy instead of taking my base hit and walking away. I figured its Friday, we may run in a direction for a few hundred points lets look for the home run. Big mistake.

These are the blow out days that are SO EASY avoidable. Especially for me. I know what I get like, I know how to control myself. Bottom line days like this are unacceptable and I'm glad I've learned to curb them more than in the past.

New week, new opportunities on Monday.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend everyone.

Lino D.



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