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RESET Day 2. 20 Account Apex Trader Funding

Hey Traders!

Welcome back to my journey for 20 funded accounts with Apex Trader Funding!

Last week I had a overtrading/tilt situation. I took a loss and instead of walking away I kept trading and blew my evals. We all have been there, I hate doing that to myself so I needed to get a hard stop on both ways.

Since then I have recently implemented a take profit and stop loss where my system actually shuts down once I hit either or. I find myself sitting at about +$100 on the $25k apex accounts ( 20 evaluations).

This time around I'm really trying to take my time, today I stepped outside of my plan a bit, the market was slow. I'm exclusively trading ES and as you know it can be pretty slow.

Below is an update from my Rtrader dashboard, look to bounce back tmr with a green day!

Thanks for stopping by!


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