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75k Earn2Trade Gauntlet: Day 5

Hey Traders,

I decided to try out the Gauntlet Mini from Earn2trade, basically a day trading test to get real capital from a funded partner to trade with. Essentially the same idea as TopStepTrader.

I have always like Earn2trade as their rules are clear and easy, profits targets, scaling plans are very straight forward. No hidden tricks or rules.

In the Gauntlet you have to trade a min. of 15 days and so far I'm a third of the way through it just finishing my 5th day. I have had 5 straight winning days accumulating $2968.12 in profits. The target profit goal is $4300.

I'm dedicated to trading the YM Futures contract (Dow Jones Index) and it has been giving some great opportunities, extremely volatile around the coronavirus news, election and more.

Below you can see a simple update of my current trading status in the Gauntlet.

Check out more on Earn2Trade here.

More updates to come.




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