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$70k Earn2Trade Gauntlet Day 6: +$457.04

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and good start to the trading week. Today was day 6 of my 75k Earn2Trade Gauntlet.

I had a great start, one trade right to the profit target within 20 seconds of the open. For some reason I was not satisfied, and I know when I continue to trade its bad news. I was actually down around $800 before regrouping and taking a long trade at the end of the session to get my profits back.

That makes 6 straight positive trading days for me.

I really don't need to be trading so aggressively, $300 a day will get me funded and passing the $4300 profit target needed to pass the 75k Gauntlet.

Volatility is still around with Trump being positive with Coronavirus and the fed having stimulus talks. This wont go anywhere soon. Look forward to taking advantage.

Im really like the 75k Gauntlet, no weekly loss limit to worry about, the scaling plan is great as well.

Thanks for reading!



skype: lino.demarchi1


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