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Break Even Day. (Lucky)

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone had a successful day today. I was lucky to get out at basically break even.

I started the morning great, I was actually up $500. Instead of walking away I continued to trade and my worst habit, just like some of you reading is I ended up over trading.

I dug myself into a big hole about -$1200 by the end of the day.

I was able to catch the overnight session open and be patient for the run down to close out at break even.

It becomes painful when you have a great morning and ruin it with poor decisions.

Lesson learned, little damage done. On the Friday. Im going to try and close the first 3 trading days of this challenge off with a win and end the week strong.

Looking at it from a TopstepTrader point of view I wouldn't not of been able to make anything back because I would of hit my daily loss limit of most of the combines offered.

Also, I wouldn't of been able to leverage up to 4 contracts to earn back the 1200 loss.

Below are a summary of my trades.

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