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TopstepTrader 100k Combine Day 2

Hey Traders,

Hope everyone is well, today was another volatile day in the futures markets. I didn't make to my trading desk to trade the open but i manged to take a few decent trades.

Im currently in a 100k combine with TopstepTrader and day 2.

I netted about $500 after commissions which is silly as I was up over 1500 at one point.

Boredom and risk was the factor today, to much Boredom and to much risk!

I find that my focus and concentration is best int he morning and im always up. I need to learn to walk away as I usually start my day with multiple wins and cash in the account!

the topsetptrader combine is all about staying within the rules and keeping yourself honest to your trade plan.

I find myself doing a lot more scalping in the ES market because of the volatility.

Learn how to get funded with TST HERE

Take a look at my daily results below.


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