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TopstepTrader Micro Futures Trading Combine Information

Hey Traders,

If you have not heard already, TopstepTrader now offers a new Micro Trading Combine!

If this combine you are permitted to trade the following 4 products: MES, MNQ, M2K, MYM

One of the coolest things about this micros trading combine that you are permitted in holding the trade over night and over the weekend! That's right, you can finally swing trade with TopstepTrader!

Its called the 10k combine, it has a profit target of $1,500. you can trade a maximum of 5 lots, $500 weekly loss limit and a $1000 max drawdown.

This is great for any trader that doesn't have the time to day trade during business hours or does not want to sit in front of their screen for hours to day trade. Hold long term positions in the futures market!

I think this is a great option for many traders and grest move by TopstepTrader!


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