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TopstepTrader Step 1 PASSED in 5 Days

Hey Traders,

Hope all is well and you are all crushing the markets, I just wanted to give you an update an report I have made it to step 2 in the 100k combine with TopstepTrader.

The markets have been really moving this past few weeks and we are even seeing movement in the over night sessions. I seen a great setup on Crude Oil which was a measured move and I captures it all in one move.

Step 2 is when the real rules co me in and you have to be very careful. You have to follow a scaling plan when it comes to leverage and using any amount of contracts.

My goal is to pass step 2 in the minimum time as well which would be 10 days, If it takes longer than im not going to get upset. Its about consistency at this point to get the funded account.

Below are pictures of my daily profits and charts, as usual feel free to reach out anytime.


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