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100k Topstep Trader Combine day 1 & 30% OFF

Hi Traders,

Its been a while since I have posted on my trading or even checked out the topsteptrader combine!

I have decided to take on the $100,000 combine, test my skills and once again get to the funded account! The markets seem to be really moving well, I will be focusing on a few markets. Mostly RTH (mini russel) CL ( crude oil) and possibly eh NQ and YM ( Nasdaq and Dow Jones)

At TopstepTrader you can have a choice of many markets to trade from depending on your goals etc!

TopstepTrader is offering a 30% discount on all new combines this month! Great time to get started with them. CLICK HERE to check it out and the discount!

I will be posting my trades daily with updates as I navigate my way through the combine. Today started out a little rocky but I got out with just over $1000 in profits.

I will be posting daily to my Blog so feel free to visit and keep up with my trading HERE!

Below is my updates Dashboard!


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