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TopStepTrader - Leverage The Ultimate Killer

Hi Traders,

Today I wanted to chat about what I think blows up more accounts at TopStepTrader than anything else. using to much leverage, we always want to make as much money as possible when trading live or in the TopStepTrader Combine.

For example in the 100k TST combine, in part 1 you can start off by trading 10 lots right away! Now I do not agree with this because is part 2 you have to abide by the scaling plan. I think if your gonna have a scaling plan it should be implemented from day 1 of the combine part 1.

Either way, to much leverage will end the combine or drain your personal account faster than you can build it. You must figure out your risk tolerance, your risk reward and than calculate and stick to it.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions on risk tolerance or day trading!

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