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Building Discipline with TopStepTrader

Hi Traders,

One of the things I like about TopstepTrader is not just the opportunity to get yourself a funded account and a community platform to trade with. Its the discipline that TopstepTrader is building in the background as you perfect your trading.

The rules are meant to create a sense of awareness and discipline in which sometime you will not get that while trading your own personal account. Trading in the TopstepTrader combine allows you to test your patience and discipline and it will uncover weaknesses in your strategy and trading.

TopstepTrader has put the daily loss limit, weekly loss limit, scaling plan and more in place to help you. thelp you grow an account on a consistent basis. That is what day trading futures is all about. Most people wan to get rich but its all about preserving capital.

as always feel free to reach out!

Lino D.


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